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Contemplative Prayer

Contemplative Prayer on Monday Nights

Every Monday evening from 7:30pm – 8:45pm a small group of St. Francis parishioners meet in the downstairs conference room. Our purpose is to practice learning to listen for God. Father Thomas Keating tells us that "God's first language is silence." If we wish to learn and understand God's plan for our lives, we need to learn God's language.

Is it difficult to learn the language of silence? Ask people who have tried. It can be challenging. Sitting in silence for 20 minutes (which is what we do every Monday night) can be difficult. We first need to learn how to slow down our bodies and then to slow down our busy minds. Together we share and help each other in this effort.

"Prayer is a dialogue," says Father William Menniger, a monk of St. Benedict's Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado. "It involves a give and take, a listening and a speaking. God speaks to us, we listen. We speak, God listens to us. It is really as simple as that. We must, however, realize that what God says to us is of extreme importance. We must give God the opportunity to speak and we must give ourselves the opportunity to listen."

In 2014, we started out as a "Centering Prayer" group. In the Fall of 2015, we changed the name to Contemplative Prayer which enables us to be more diverse with our offerings. We decided that we wanted to offer a variety of practices to the congregation as we all learn differently. We have offered: Lectio Divina; Guided Imagery; and icons. This winter we will be offering and teaching Lectio Divina, where God speaks to us through scripture.

Please Come and join us: There is nothing to prepare for, nothing to read, nothing to bring....just come! Contacts: Mike Hatwick (drmhattwick@aol.com ) Kathy Anderson(kquinnanderson@mail.com )

Upcoming Events

Weekday Morning Prayer
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Creche Upcoming Events

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April 10 - 17 - Spring Break

April 16 - Easter Sunday

April 22 - Earth Day

April 23 - Creche Teachers Appreciation Week

May 5 - Petting Zoo visits 12:30

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May 11 & 12 - Art Studio Art Show

May 25 - Last day of School

May 26 - 11 am - Chapel End of Year Service

May 26 - School-wide Picnic

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