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Men's Group

Join us! All meetings convent on Wednesdays at 7:30 am, and include (God willing!) both coffee and breakfast with energetic discussion.

Reading now: "With the Grain of the Universe" by Stanley Hauerwas. This is the first step in a a multiweek (or longer) discussion of "Living in Controversial Times" (click here for a topic list). We are beginning with a book on Natural Theology (what we can tell about God from his created universe rather than from the 'revealed theology' of Scripture). This will allow us to leg into Christian morality topics such as those listed in the attached topic list.  Remember:  Use the link to Amazon on the bottom right corner of this page and it will result in Amazon donations to St. Francis.

For the duration of Lent, we will end at 8:25 in deference to Lenten Morning Prayers at 8:30. Please be at MG at 7:30 for coffee and eats, and be ready to start discussion at 7:45. If we cannot complete a full discussion on a particular week's reading we will carry over the discussion to the following Wed.

— Wed Mar 29: Ch 4 (The Liberalism of Reinhold Niebuhr)

— Wed Apr 5: Ch 5 (Reinhold Niebuhr's Natural Theology)

— Wed Apr 12: Ch 6 (The Witness that was Karl Barth)

— Wed Apr 19: Ch 7 (The Witness of the Church Dogmatics)

— Wed Apr 26: Ch 8 (The Necessity of Witness)

Please join us, even for a single meeting where the topic is of interest. Questions, please contact Phil Pifer at philipjpifer@mac.com

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