St. Francis and South Sudan


St. Francis was introduced to ministry in southern Sudan in 1996 by Assistant Rector Hentzi Elek, a former relief worker in Sudan. Our first outreach project was the collection of money to buy goats for Sudanese women widowed by the long civil war in that country. In 1997, Father Hentzi introduced St. Francis to the Rev. David Bako, an Episcopal priest from the Diocese of Ezo in southwest Sudan who was studying at the Virginia Seminary. David's stories of his life in Sudan, his faith, and the needs of Sudanese Christians inspired St. Francis to make Sudan a vital part of our prayers and outreach ministry. Sudanmap  Ezomap 

Our Covenant with the Diocese of Ezo

In 1998, St. Francis signed a formal covenant with the Diocese of Ezo. The covenant hangs in the Narthex. In the covenant, we promise to:
1. Pray for peace in Sudan, for the alleviation of suffering there, and for the Christians in Ezo Diocese.
2. Study and educate our congregation about the conditions of Sudanese Christians.
3. Bring the covenant before the Diocese of Virginia for prayerful consideration.
4. Communicate regularly with the Rev. Bako and others in Ezo as we come to know them.
5. Send a mission trip to Ezo to learn more about conditions there, to focus on our material assistance, and to encourage them in their faith.