FRANCISCO-fact: Who is the beneficiary of our Online Auction?

The beneficiary for this year’s Online Auction is Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington. This is a St. Francis ministry that you may have heard about before in our conversations and our common life. Annually, we have been committed to them in our fund-raising event, The Mini-Walkathon, held each September, our Breakfast with Santa to accumulate gifts for families of the ministry, the Christmas Party in the district to provide those families with Christmas gifts, and in the Executive Director of the Northwest Office, David Wolf. This Sunday morning at the 9:00am Homily, David will be joined by Ben Morgan, one of the clients of this ministry who has a wonderful witness to bring us of empowerment.

Ben Morgan giving testimony at Zoom Sunday Service 5-16

Ben Morgan was our speaker at this year’s Next Step Breakfast.  He is originally from Philadelphia.  His life has been far from easy but he feels blessed to have come so far. He currently is taking paralegal classes with the hope of entering law school at CUA in the District.  Ben is also a published author – check out his book, A Lonely Pen, available on Amazon!

Our Auction’s proceeds are part of a larger program that Samaritan Ministry initiated this Spring, and we will be, with our donation of 51% of the Auction Proceeds, one of the earlier supporters of this work. All Easter season we have heard from the letters and Gospel of John about the power of love and its demonstration in our love of our neighbors. After a quarter of a century of loving our neighbors through our work with Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington, we renew that relationship with this year’s Online Auction. Be on Zoom this Sunday at 9:00 AM to find out more about our evolving work with Samaritan Ministry and their evolving work with Greater Washington by clicking here.

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