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Regathering has been on the minds of Franciscans, our church leadership, and our diocesan leadership since the suspension of in-person gatherings which commenced during March of last year. St. Francis’ leadership, having been reauthorized by Bishop Goff, in consultation with the diocesan staff, has determined that it is time to begin regathering and that will happen on Sunday, June 20, 2021, at 9:00 AM.

it is time to begin regathering
  • FRANCISCO-fact: What should I know about going back to church this Sunday?
    Firstly, we have moved some of the furniture, but not much. Though not much, there will be an obvious change—a flat-screen monitor in place of the hymn board over the Epistle-side…
  • Altar Flower Donations
    Please use the sign up below to donate altar flowers in the memory of someone you love or to celebrate a special occasion. Sponsors are expected to donate $75.00 for one of two arrangements each Sunday. If a date is not published in this schedule, it is either because flowers will not be displayed during certain seasons, or because there will be Easter or Christmas flowers adorning the Sanctuary.
  • FRANCISCO-FACT: Are we there yet? Yes, yes, we are!
    FRANCISCO-FACT: Are we there yet? Yes, yes, we are! It is time to begin regathering and that will happen on Sunday, June 20, 2021, at 9:00 AM.

If Ye Love Me

St Francis Choir virtual performance for Sunday Zoom Service

YouTube page CLICK HERE


JUNE 20th @ 9AM

9220 Georgetown Pike

We now have a Podcast! Sermons and Francisco-facts will be available on Anchor, Spotify, itunes, RadioPublic and more!

Outdoor service June 20th

Sunday Outdoor Eucharist Service

@ St Francis 5:00 PM

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