Afghan Refugee Family Now Has a Van!

The Waisuddin Faizy family now has a family van. On Dec 6, St. Francis purchased a used 2014 Grand Caravan in good condition with low miles, and presented it to the father of our second refugee family, Waisuddin. Amir, Waisuddin, and Sam Faizy joined us at the dealer to receive the vehicle.

Waisuddin was very happy to with the van. It has room for 7-8 people, stow-away 2nd and 3rd row seats, and drives and handles very well with an engine in excellent condition – a real find! It also came with a 90-day repair warranty should any issues arise in the near term. We paid for a two year registration for the vehicle – all done in the dealership with no need for a trip to the DMV.

While the dark and rainy day Makes it difficult to see in the picture, driving away Waisuddin had a BIG smile on his face. His family of 8 people has had no transportation of their own since moving into their townhome in Leesburg back in March. The van will give the family needed freedom, flexibility, and safety.

Thank you to all the Franciscans who gave so generously to make this possible! We have truly shared Christ’s love with these families.

2 thoughts on “Afghan Refugee Family Now Has a Van!

  1. This is terrific – should be highlighted in area newspapers! This is a tremendous effort by the people of St. Francis!

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