Important message from the Bishops of the Diocese of Virginia

Dear Franciscans,

Today, the Bishops of the Diocese of Virginia released a letter addressing two recent incidents which are disturbing. One of the incidents included racial epithets pointed at minority athletes on the campus of the University of the South, Sewanee, Tennessee communicated through acts of Vandalism, and the other was the murder of eight people, six of whom were Asian Women. The bishops are asking for our prayers and our renewed efforts to stand against violence and racism. I ask you to read their statement and add your prayers to those of the diocese on behalf of the victims, their families, and our society. 

Yours in Christ,
David J. Lucey+

“We must stand up, stand together and say, in word and action, “Violence will no more be heard in our land.” Whether our roots lie in Africa or Europe, Asia or the Pacific Islands, South or North America, we are all children of God, therefore siblings in one family. And whatever harms one member of the family harms us all.”

This is a communication from the Bishops of the Diocese. The issues around healing across divides and racial justice are among the mission priorities of the diocese and this letter highlights that priority as witnessed in recent events. All members of the Parish are encouraged to join the diocesan email list at, after doing so they will receive a weekly email and be included in Episcopal Communications such as this. Additionally, I believe it my responsibility to make certain that parishioners receive these communications even if they are not on the diocesan distribution list.

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