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Information for upcoming Auction:

We are hoping our On-Line Auction will generate a great deal of enthusiasm and excitement among Franciscans. We have never done anything like this before, but we also know that Franciscans are a loyal and adventurous group!! There are three ways you can help! 

Sponsor Great Falls Businesses for On-Line Auction

CLICK HERE TO GO TO SIGN UP GENIUS PAGE Rather than asking restaurants and local businesses to donate certificates to our auction, we are encouraging Franciscans to purchase gift certificates from their favorite local businesses and donate them to the On-Line Auction. In this way, we can help them recover from the losses of theContinue reading “Sponsor Great Falls Businesses for On-Line Auction”

Upcoming On-Line Auction Fund-raiser

As we were unable to hold our traditional Gala this year, we are planning an alternative fund-raiser to provide for our Outreach ministries and raise funds for general church operations.
To that end, we are preparing a parishioner-only, private on-line auction to be available beginning May 9.  Franciscans will be able to bid on familiar auction items typically seen in Gala live auctions. Of course, new auction ideas are always welcome.

Francisco-fact: When can we worship together again indoors?

The Governor of Virginia has been loosening up on guidelines around people interacting; what is the effect of those guidelines on worship services at St. Francis Church? St. Francis’ leadership is following the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines as directed by the Bishop of the Diocese, who consults with her assisting bishops, the Standing Committee, and healthContinue reading “Francisco-fact: When can we worship together again indoors?”


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