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Francisco-fact: John C. Lowe—A life well lived

“Well, then, we’ll just have to take care of that,” John said. John had just heard from his young office assistant that she was barred from undergraduate admission to the University of Virginia because she was a woman.

Practical Theologian—Amplifications and Corrections

This blog borrows its moniker from another short-lived blog of mine from the middle of the first decade of the 2000’s. Its purpose was to deal with the practical applications and practice of the Christian life.

Francisco-fact: The man behind the curtain

St. Francis has moved from in-person worship to online worship quickly and very professionally. It has also moved to greater content on social media. How did we do this and can we continue?

Holy Longing

We will not be gathering again in our sacred space as a community…. well, not yet. But where does that leave us, now? We remain in a time of holy longing. But God does not ­­live in the churches we build. God for whom we long is already close by.

Episco-fact: the changing character of Eastertide

The character of Easter changes beginning on the Feast of the Ascension; forty Days after the Feast of the Resurrection. We acknowledge this moment in our prayers, hymns, and readings which direct us, the Church, to consider the impact on our lives of Jesus’ bodily movement from the kingdoms of this world into the kingdom of God.

FRANCISCO-FACT: Will someone pray with me?

If I want more people praying for the people I know and love, how can I ask others at St. Francis to pray with me? Prayer is certainly more powerful when being exercised in community. St. Francis is committed to this way of praying.

FRANCISCO-FACT: Will we ever worship in person again?

Will we ever worship in person again and when will that be? Church is something where gathering and sharing in-person are deeply apart of what we do. To do so without fear and concern is also important. We at St. Francis and the Diocese are working toward that reality—being God’s people in community and unity.

FRANCISCO-FACT: Was Thomas really a doubter?

We are living in a time where doubt and uncertainty about the near future life is front and center to our daily emotions and reflections. What are we to think of Thomas the Twin; was he a doubter?

FRANCISCO-FACT: We made it to Easter, what now?

We made it to Easter (the Feast of the Resurrection), what now? This week we will hear the story from the Gospel of John when the disciples, after the resurrection, are gathered in an upper room, mostly doing nothing, as they tried to comprehend what happened.

Empty Tomb and Empty Church

Jesus came out of the empty tomb, into an empty burial ground. On that empty Sunday morning, even more empty than this church right now, only Mary Magdalene appeared. Perhaps, today is the most authentic Easter ever.

Maundy Thursday

This year, I read about Jesus washing the disciples’ feet, and I can see for the first time the tenderness of him touching them at all. What I see, most of all, is what is around the edges of this scene. This story does not tell us about service in the abstract. It tells us about the choice to love in a particular time and place—a place which is, in a way different and yet also like ours, frightening.

FRANCISCO-FACT: Does Zoom Meeting church count as church?

The age of digital community may be receiving a supercharge in this time of responding to COVID-19, but such ways of gathering have been in the works. Jesus proclaimed: “where two or three are gathered together in my name, I am among them” [Matthew 18.20]. As far as I can tell, he did not describe how the two or three are to be gathered.

Building new wells

In the Bible, wells are meeting places. And at a time of fear and uncertainty, the need to remain connected is even more important. Being in together in relationship is what will get us through this public health crisis. But when we are restricted from gathering together, where are our wells? Where are our meetingContinue reading “Building new wells”

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