Upcoming On-Line Auction Fund-raiser

As we were unable to hold our traditional Gala this year, we are planning an alternative fund-raiser to provide for our Outreach ministries and raise funds for general church operations.
To that end, we are preparing a parishioner-only, private on-line auction to be available beginning May 9.  Franciscans will be able to bid on familiar auction items typically seen in Gala live auctions. Of course, new auction ideas are always welcome.

Episco-fact: Was Mary Magdalene a woman of ill repute?

The short answer to this assertion is, no, Mary Magdalene was not a woman of ill repute. The longer answer to this assertion has a lot to do with a great many Marys in the New Testament, resulting in the heightened possibility of confusing them; a general carelessness, if not misogyny, around the identity andContinue reading “Episco-fact: Was Mary Magdalene a woman of ill repute?”

Episco-fact: Holy days and national holidays

Are there any national holidays that are also on the church calendar? The simple answer to this is yes: Thanksgiving Day, the fourth Thursday in November; and Independence Day, July 4. Both of these national holidays are listed in the Book of Common Prayer, 1979 as major feasts under the section Holy Days. Like allContinue reading “Episco-fact: Holy days and national holidays”

Episco-fact: Disciple or apostle?

What is the difference between being a disciple and an apostle? Except for Judas, Iscariot, what happened that the remaining eleven should have their descriptor changed? The definitional difference in these words is easy. A disciple is a student, someone being taught, formed, or disciplined into a way of living, learning, or being. An apostleContinue reading “Episco-fact: Disciple or apostle?”

Episco-fact: the changing character of Eastertide

The character of Easter changes beginning on the Feast of the Ascension; forty Days after the Feast of the Resurrection. We acknowledge this moment in our prayers, hymns, and readings which direct us, the Church, to consider the impact on our lives of Jesus’ bodily movement from the kingdoms of this world into the kingdom of God.