Bell ringing to honor the Americans lost to COVID-19

A coast-to-coast bell ringing memorial to honor the Americans we have lost to COVID-19 took place, today, at 5:30pm today, Tuesday, January 19th.  The National Bell Festival is honored to join in the ringing and to help this moment resonate even more widely.  At 5:30pm today, the bell, at St. Francis, was rung by Fr. DavidContinue reading “Bell ringing to honor the Americans lost to COVID-19”

Francisco fact: Will there be a Winter Gala?

What is happening with the Winter Gala in this time of social distancing and COVID-19? The Vestry and the liaison to the Winter Gala, Gary Pan, have been working on this. Our short answer is that the Winter Gala will not be taking place in its traditional form on the Saturday before Ash Wednesday, FebruaryContinue reading “Francisco fact: Will there be a Winter Gala?”

FRANCISCO-FACT: What’s the progress of the Stewardship Campaign for 2021?

How are we doing on our Stewardship Campaign for 2021? We are moving toward our goals for 2021. As of Sunday, November 21 we received 59 pledges in the amount of $349,251. Thank you! For comparison, our final numbers for 2020 were 117 pledges totaling $592,282. Our goal for 2021 is $600,000.

Francisco fact: Why do I give to St. Francis Church?

A testimonial by parishioner, Joshua Kim Simply put, it is because I see God’s love at work at St. Francis and would like to see it continue to flourish. Ever since my family and I first stepped into St. Francis ten years ago, I have witnessed the love of Christ flowing throughout the many ministriesContinue reading “Francisco fact: Why do I give to St. Francis Church?”

Francisco-fact: A Word from the Treasurer

The year 2020 has been a challenge to us all in many ways, but we have continued supporting each other and St. Francis through online worship, fellowship, and funding.  The church finances at this time remain stable and should continue to do so as parishioners continue to fulfill their pledges for 2020.  We realize theseContinue reading “Francisco-fact: A Word from the Treasurer”