Priests in Ezo need Bikes

The Diocese of Ezo is quite large, and very few people have cars or other motor vehicles. Priests walk or use bicycles (when they have them!) to travel to visit parishioners and conduct church business. Priests in the northern-most sections of the Diocese recently rode their bikes over 90 miles to attend meetings at theContinue reading “Priests in Ezo need Bikes”

Bishop of Ezo is Isaac Ephraim J. Bangisa

The current Bishop of Ezo is Isaac Ephraim J. Bangisa. Bishop Isaac has brought a depth of organizational experience from his work with World Vision and World Relief in South Sudan. After his enthronement, he held a strategic planning session with local government and church leaders to create a five-year plan to help the Diocese move forward.Continue reading “Bishop of Ezo is Isaac Ephraim J. Bangisa”

Enthronement of Bishop Isaac Ephraim in Ezo

“I just lack suitable words that I can use to thank all of you for your prayer and support. Please, know that without your efforts we wouldn’t have come this far. May our good Lord richly bless you all.“ –Bishop Isaac Ephraim His enthronement took place on Oct 10th. St. Francis Church supports discrete projects inContinue reading “Enthronement of Bishop Isaac Ephraim in Ezo”

Francisco-fact: What is happening with our Ministry to the Diocese of Ezo?

St. Francis’s work with South Sudan is our church’s oldest continuing international ministry. It breaks down into two parts. One part is our continuing work with the St. Francis Basic School in Juba. This has been a long-term commitment beginning with the establishment of a school in Juba in South Sudan to serve the needsContinue reading “Francisco-fact: What is happening with our Ministry to the Diocese of Ezo?”