Dear Franciscans,

In the spring of this year the vestry of St. Francis made the decision to partner with Renewal Works, a ministry of Forward Day by Day. The purpose of this ministry is to help churches, especially Episcopal Churches, gauge their spiritual vitality. This is done through a survey provided by Renewal Works to help us judge where the congregation is on loving God and loving our neighbor.

How will this be done? Simply click on the link below to get to the survey. It takes about twenty-five minutes to complete. When you submit this information to Renewal Works (your information is anonymous), they accumulate the data and provide an analysis to the church that helps us understand where we are growing in faith and where we can use some work.

By providing this information to the leadership of St. Francis you will be giving us invaluable assistance in helping the church in our continuing goal to live faithfully to God.

The survey cut-off is October 16.

I know the commitment of Franciscans to our community and know that you will gladly help us gather this information.

Thank you!


David J. Lucey                                                Michael Semko
Rector                                                             Vestry Representative

September 28, 2022

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Rector of St. Francis Church. Adopted son of the Old Dominion--Hampden-Sydney loving, Red Sox supporting, Burkean.


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