Creche Christmas Pageant

We had our Creche Christmas Pageant on Wednesday, and it was a precious event! It was followed by a reception in Millen Hall where the parents, children and teachers enjoyed cookies and punch and shared “Merry Christmas” wishes before leaving for the holidays!

We would like to wish everyone at St. Francis a very Merry Christmas!

-Cristi Leslie (Creche Director)

Some musings from a Parishioner:

Yesterday I attended an event that was so delightful and uplifting I just wanted to tell about it.  We have a pre-school at our church, 65 little smiling knee knockers. They put on a Christmas pageant in which the narrative was the kids singing short songs. The enthusiasm was contagious; how could one look at so many little people proudly dressed in animal, angel and king costumes singing those songs; well, maybe not so much singing as shouting the songs. Go tell it on the mountain was 65 little kids shouting at the top of their voice to tell it on that mountain, straining their necks, standing on their toes to elevate the sound, and trying to be louder than the person next to them. Here and there stood a shy angel looking a bit overwhelmed but the vast majority were glued to their spot on the stage and stretching up as high as possible on tip toes with mouths opened as wide as possible. There was not a single person in the audience without a broad smile on their face, totally immersed in the joy and enthusiasm of the moment. All I could think is that this is exactly what Christmas is about.

-Joe Reynolds-

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