Enthronement of Bishop Isaac Ephraim in Ezo

Group photo at the end of enthronement service.

I just lack suitable words that I can use to thank all of you for your prayer and support. Please, know that without your efforts we wouldn’t have come this far. May our good Lord richly bless you all.

Bishop Isaac Ephraim

His enthronement took place on Oct 10th.

St. Francis Church supports discrete projects in two different areas of South Sudan. We have a covenant with the Anglican Diocese of Ezo, a remote area lacking basic services, where we help to increase clean water, medicine, education, and nutrition. We also helped establish and provide continuing support to the St. Francis Basic School in Juba, the capital of South Sudan. The school provides education and food to several hundred students.

Click here to see a PDF of all the photos sent from Ezo

The captioned photos below are from Bishop Isaac‘s enthronement.

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