FRANCISCO-fact: Annual Fund Campaign UPDATE

How are we doing with our Annual Fund Campaign and meeting our budget for 2022?

This week we have passed the fifty percent (50%) mark for dollar commitments needed for our $600,000 pledge budget, with about $329,616in commitments from fiftythree pledgers. This is encouraging news. We are looking to hear from another 52 families over the next three weeks. One way in that we will be making this happen is by reaching out to people who have not yet pledged, either by email or phone. A great way to keep those notes or calls from happening is to mail your pledge card now or to place it in the collection plate on the Sundays between December 5 and December 19.

St. Francis is on pace to receive about ninety-five per cent (95%) of the pledges that were made in 2020. Thank you! This is such a faithful response to the mission of this church to proclaim the Gospel, form faithful Christians, and to transform lives through worship, education, and ministry to our neighbors, nearby and far away.

In the coming year we will again be ministering to our members and our neighbors. My thanks to the Stewardship Group and their contributions to this ongoing process—Molly Reynolds, Rick Larson, Olivia Grady, and Patrick Killoran. And, my continued gratefulness to the responses of you, the people of ST. Francis Church!

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What does your pledge support? Below are the Stewardship Videos from the past month and more.

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