More to being Christian?

How do I get to know more about being an Anglican/Episcopal Christian?

St. Francis has had a strong tradition of formation. Formation involves both learning about book things and walking alongside other Christians to learn what they do. This autumn we are offering ways to become more familiar with being Christian in the St. Francis tradition in a bookish way, as follows:

  • Explicating the Nicene Creed: Sundays from 9:15 AM through 9:45 AM in Millen Hall. From September 11 through October 16. Led by the Rector and reviewing the Church’s sufficient statement of faith.
  • Christology: Wednesdays from 8:35 A.M. through 9:45 A. M. via Zoom with the Men’s Group. We can be found online and the convener, Phil Pifer is happy to take your email, send you reminders, and send material when the distribution is free. This session is planned to run from Wednesday, August 31 through October 5. This is course is about who the church says Jesus is and is a group process.
  • Thursday Afternoon Bible Study: Thursdays, beginning September 1st, at 2:00 PM via Zoom with a Women’s Group. The new convener is Amelia Logan and the curriculum is being decided; usually studying a selected book of the Bible.
  • The Upstanding Rector and the Curious Christian: Church is a quirky place, even for those who have spent the last fifty years attending weekly. This is a YouTube Channel and a Podcast which will drop weekly on Fridays. The best way to find out what the curious Christian wants to know is by signing up for the weekly Emma. It is a lighthearted thirty minutes about things like clerical dress, how we know that God is speaking to us, why do we stand-up, kneel, and sit during worship. Questions from the congregation are welcome.
  • Sunday School: Sundays from 9:15 through 9:55 in the purple class on the ground floor of the Education wing of the church beginning September 11. The curriculum is especially appropriate for children ages four through ten in our one-room school.

We pray that by distributing our formation material in various settings from streaming videos to in-person participation, that our members will become saturated in the ways of God’s love and care for his creation.

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