FRANCISCO-fact: Is there an update on our COVID protocols?

Yes! We are going to stream again this Sunday at 8:00 AM and 10:00 AM. We are staying with two services because we are hopeful to be gathering in socially distanced form soon, with the anticipated date of resuming being Sunday, January 9.

Let me review our considerations with you. COVID cases in Fairfax County are now approaching the rates where they were this time last year. Hospitalizations are about half of the numbers from last year’s peak, but they are twice the rate of October of this year. So, with the seven-day moving average of new cases at 116 per 100,000 population, a seven-day increase of 163%.

The death rate, though not where it was a year ago, has increased during the past few and is now about 1.6 persons a day. Even with a strain that appears much less severe than earlier strain, we are taking one extra week to evaluate and prepare for in-person worship with renewed vigor.

Below is a list of steps we are taking to renew oversight of our protocols:

  1. We will be taping off every other pew so there are visual and physical signs of social distancing.
  2. We will continue to mask in the church when we gather, including the sacristy, narthex, and offices when more than one person is present.
  3. We are restocking our masks and hand sanitizer inventory.
  4. We are restocking the rest rooms with items to wipe down after being used.
  5. We will be distributing the communion bread, only, until conditions are more favorable.

We are seeing changes and flexibility in how government agencies, businesses, school, and other public organizations are meeting the COVID conditions. We are making these adjustments ourselves as conditions see to dictate.

Thank you for your faithfulness and patience. Have a blessed New Year celebration!

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