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What is Renewal Works?

Renewal works is a self-guided study of the components of church vitality, an important goal in this post-COVID, post-Christendom world. The focus is on how our church St. Francis is doing with knowing God and serving our neighbor. The means of arriving at this is embedded in the survey questions and the totality of our answers, so please, answer the survey—we need sixty (60) respondents for a valid survey! The basic of church vitality follow in the following actions: 1) The Spiritual life with Jesus us a journey and we need to help our members get moving on that journey; 2) Embed the church’s story (i.e., the Bible) in everything we do; 3) Create ownership of the church among our members (i.e., this place works because of what I do); 4) Find out the deep needs of Great Falls and feed them. BACK TO TOP

What is a Patronal Feast Day?

A patronal feast day is when a church celebrates the patron (i.e., Saint or theological Concept after which is named-e.g., St. Francis of Assisi, St. Michael the Archangel, Trinity). These days are special enough that churches have parties and processions around them. We are also given permission in the Book of Common prayer to use the Propers, which are the collects and readings appointed on this day for a Sunday, replacing the Propers appointed in the Prayer Book for that day. Our tradition is to celebrate on the Sunday closest to the Feast of St. Francis of Assisi which is October 4. This year we will not only use that permission from the Prayer Book, but we will bless the animals on the front lawn at 5:00 PM on Sunday, October 2. BACK TO TOP

When will we bless the animals this year?

The blessing of the animals in observance of our Patronal Saint, Francis of Assisi will be held at the cross on our front lawn at 5:00 PM this Sunday, October 2. Bring animals of all kinds, pictures of your animals, and “stuffies,” aka stuffed animals, for their blessings and to receive a St. Francis medal on their behalf. See you there! BACK TO TOP

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