FRANCISCO-FACT: What’s the progress of the Stewardship Campaign for 2021?

How are we doing on our Stewardship Campaign for 2021?

We are moving toward our goals for 2021. As of Sunday, November 21 we received 59 pledges in the amount of $349,251. Thank you! For comparison, our final numbers for 2020 were 117 pledges totaling $592,282. Our goal for 2021 is $600,000.

A challenging number and one which we believe is achievable. It is also the number we need to reach in order to maintain our current levels of inspiring worship, community connection, pastoral care, Christian Formation for adults and children, and outreach ministry to our close neighbors like Samaritan Ministry, Second Story, and the Creche.

Our Ingathering Sunday will be in two weeks, December 6, the second Sunday of Advent. It is also the calendar date on which the Feast of Nicholas, Bishop of Myra, is celebrated. It seems appropriate to add our own recognition of generosity into that day, to demonstrate the character of the patron saint of so many acts of discreet giving to those in need. As part of that Sunday’s service, we will dedicate our gifts for the coming year to God in prayer.  It will be quite an achievement if we have already met our budget, a real reason to celebrate.

Franciscans have been a faithful and generous people for over fifty years in our field in Great Falls and we believe that this character will be expressed again this year. Thank you notes from the Rector are on the way. But more than thanks, we continue to be excited to be God’s people in the Episcopal tradition on Georgetown Pike.

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