FRANCISCO-fact: What should I know about going back to church this Sunday?

  1. Firstly, we have moved some of the furniture, but not much. Though not much, there will be an obvious change—a flat-screen monitor in place of the hymn board over the Epistle-side (i.e., the right-hand side of the church). The monitor is there for us to include the faces of the folks participating from home because we have a current limit to the numbers of people we can accommodate in the church. We also may use it to supplement the sermon with a thematic image or images. But for right now, it is about being able to see and be seen by Franciscans who cannot be in person.
  2. Secondly, along with the addition of the flat-screen monitor, we have moved a few chairs and the banners just a bit. The chairs are all still up-front but moved to where people sitting in them get to the lecterns easily. The banners for the church and the diocese are still up front but moved slightly so we can accommodate the flat screen. Also note, this is an experiment and we have kept the hymn boards around so that we can use them again if needed or desired.
  3. Thirdly, here are the summary guidelines for the congregation to review before coming to church this Sunday:
  • Attendees are asked to schedule their attendance through our church’s Sign-up Genius account accessed through our website. Members are encouraged to sign-up by the Saturday at 5:00 PM, the day before the service, so a seating plan can be made.
  • Printed Orders of Service will be available, and the attendees are asked to take them home to dispose of them.
  • Attendees will be masked at all times while in the church, except for readers, who may remove their masks when speaking.
  • Attendees will be seated in every other pew, with alternating pews blocked or roped off.
  • Individuals will separate themselves from other individuals or PODs (PODs: household units who live together) by a minimum of three (3) feet.
  • Congregation and choir may sing while masked.
  • Passing of the Peace outside of a household POD can be done by waves and/or nods.
  • Communion will be distributed via bread only until further notice.
  • There will be coffee in Millen Hall after the service. WiFi is available to participants to connect to Zoom Coffee Hour (the password is church!!)
  • Attendees and Worship Leaders will not gather in the Narthex. They may continue to Millen Hall for in-person coffee hour.

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