How Far Out Do Franciscans Reach?

A Message on Outreach at St. Francis

Every year the St. Francis budget includes a line item for Outreach to be distributed by the Outreach Committee to worthy organizations on behalf of the parish. The grateful recipients of this support range from local groups to international relationships established over the years. Providing for those in need has always been a priority at St. Francis.

“One line item in the yearly budget does not begin to show the treasure and time given by Franciscans in helping others.”

But that is not all: In 2022 alone, parishioners gave over $40,000 in additional funds for many Outreach ministries. Almost $5,000 of this support was given when calls went out for school supplies, grocery items, Christmas gifts, and many other items during Outreach drives held throughout the year. Around $29,000 was generously provided to help the Afghan refugee families mentioned below. The remaining funds were sent to the Diocese of Ezo and for support in Ukraine. The following are some examples of Outreach at St. Francis:

  • As a founding member of Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington (founded in 1986), St. Francis continues to bestow generosity on those who are homeless and struggling to change their lives one step at a time.
  • Second Story “…provides safe havens and opportunities to grow and thrive to children, youth, and their families.” Our parish supports those efforts with Sunday dinners several times a month, school supplies, and food for Thanksgiving dinners.
  • Through Salvation Army’s Grate Patrol, Franciscans come together several times a year to make bagged meals to be handed out by parishioners to homeless and needy persons in the area.
  • In 2022, we heard the call to help settle two Afghan refugee families. Not only were homes furnished and basic supplies provided, but the families were given two vehicles, allowing them to work and go to school in this area. Parishioners continue to visit and help the families.
  • Through a covenant established with the Diocese of Ezo in 1998, Franciscans support this remote area of South Sudan by helping them access clean water, medicine, education, and food. 
  • A special Concert for Ukraine was held which raised funds for the United For Ukraine organization.

And there are more. A complete list of the organizations we have supported can be found here.

The generosity that flows from this parish has been and continues to be felt in the lives of many. Reaching out to others is always an important part of who we are and what we do. One line item in the yearly budget does not begin to show the treasure and time given by Franciscans in helping others.

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