Important Message about 2023 Pledges

Goal $600,000

The 2023 pledges received to date are far below the goal of $600,000.  As of December 29, we have received only 78 pledges totaling $394,400.  Over $200,000 more is needed to meet the goal!  Last year at this time we had received 95 pledges totaling $497,000.  We need much more to fund the 2023 budget and to continue the programs and ministries that Franciscans desire and enjoy. 

To those who have never pledged, why not make this 2023 Pledge your first?  Pledges are accepted at any time with great joy.  Pledges are the main source of income for St. Francis.  They provide the funds to pay salaries, keep the lights on and keep us warm (or cool) among many other expenses.

Please submit your pledge today!  Or raise your pledge that has already been sent in!  Pledge forms can be found in the vestibule or click on the link below.  Hear this urgent call to support St. Francis with a pledge and push us to the goal and beyond!

Molly Reynolds 

2023 pledge form

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