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Bishop John Zawo's Visit

Bishop John

Important Dates during Bishop John Zawo's Visit

March 4 at 10:00 Service -- Bishop John will preach followed by a Welcoming Brunch
March 18 -- Renewal of Our Covenant with the Ezo Diocese

February 20, 2018

Dear Franciscans,

Bishop John Zawo of the Ezo Diocese of South Sudan is coming! He will arrive next week, on March 1, as a guest of St. Francis Church for two and a half weeks (leaving March 19).
It will be an honor to have him among us. This year is the 20th anniversary of our Covenant with the Diocese of Ezo, so this is a perfect time to renew our relationship with our brothers and sisters there. We have long supported the schools in Ezo as well as the school set up in Juba by Ezo refugees.

Ezo is in a remote part of South Sudan, characterized by extreme poverty, subsistence agriculture, and conflict among various violent groups. Despite these challenges, Bishop John presides over a thriving Episcopal church that brings hope and material support to many people.

Bishop John's visit is an opportunity for us to learn more about South Sudan and strengthen our bond with Ezo. While a few parishioners remember the beginnings of our involvement with South Sudan, this experience will be new to many others. We invite everyone to take advantage of Bishop John's visit to learn more about South Sudan and God's work there.

Bishop John will be staying with parishioners while he is here and will preach and be involved in many church activities. He's also likely to visit National Cathedral, the Seminary, the Diocesan headquarters in Richmond, government leaders, and the national church in New York City.

To make his visit a success, we need your help:
• Pray that Bishop John has a safe trip, and pray for Mama Nancy and his family and congregation.
• Come to church to worship with Bishop John and participate in other events.
• Invite him to dinner, take him sightseeing, volunteer to drive him locally, or plan a small group event. See sign-up poster in Narthex or contact Leslie Siegmund to volunteer lesiegmund@aol.com.
• Make a tax-deductible donation to pay for Bishop John's travel expenses and support the parishioners and schools of the Ezo Diocese. We'd like to send Bishop John back with a generous offering for his congregation and schools.

This is a great time in the life of our parish. Bishop John's visit is a chance for us to learn more about our fellow Christians in South Sudan and about ourselves.
Faithfully yours,

The Rev. David Lucey
Robert MacKichan, Senior Warden
Ginger Roll, Outreach Chair

To learn more about the covenant between Ezo and St. Francis, see our Outreach South Sudan page.  Learn more here about the Diocese of Ezo.

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