Annual Stewardship

2019 Pledging 

Although we will always happily receive and accept new pledges, increases to a pledge, or just a large windfall, soon the day of Budget decisions will befall the vestry. The 2019 Pledge goal is $596,000 with the actual total of pledges received as of January 10, at $562,733. That puts us at 95% of the goal. As close as that is, unless we reach 100% of the goal, there will have to be difficult decisions made for the 2019 budgeted expenses. Will there be enough money to maintain all the programs and benefits we receive from St. Francis? The same amount for Outreach? Enough to cover all staffing expenses? Will the Music and Altar programs have enough to provide us with the pleasures we have come to enjoy and love? Imagine being without some of these things. So many Franciscans have come forward to give over and above their 2018 commitments and so many have agreed to a substantial 20% increase in their 2019 pledge – we say Bless you All! But there is still a gap to be closed. The Vestry meets on January 22nd to consider the 2019 budget and make the hard decisions. By that time, please consider offering to help close that gap with your pledge if you have not done so already or with an increase to your 2019 pledge. All contributions will be received with a very loud ALLELUIA and AMEN! Notice of desired increases can be emailed to Should you have any questions, please contact one of the chairs of the campaign: Tom Wood at or Jack Shafran at

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