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Annual Stewardship

October 17, 2017

Dear Franciscan,
Janet and I would like to ask you a personal question.

What gives you joy?

Psychologists say joy and happiness largely are under our own control: indulging regularly in small pleasures (like a warm bath!), getting absorbed in challenging activities, maintaining close social ties, finding purpose and giving beyond yourself.

Small pleasures. Social ties. Finding purpose and giving beyond yourself.

The Gralleys feel joy on Sundays at St. Francis when we pass the peace. It lasts only a few seconds (well maybe longer—and the Rector usually has to break it up!) but it's a small way we reconnect. There are other, less raucous times, too, when we feel great joy: singing a favorite hymn (my favorite? the Navy Hymn); Janet, giving (and getting) a good-natured ribbing at the gala; and both, when we hand out sandwiches during the grate patrol.

What gives you joy at St. Francis?

Perhaps it's seeing your children grow strong and independent with values learned in Sunday School, receiving support during a troubled time, taking communion at the rail, finding that "ah ha!" moment during Bible Study, or silent contemplation on a Woman's Retreat.

It's a glimpse of heaven on earth.

Joy is something not meant to be held-in or hoarded. We show it to each other and we reflect it into our community. We widen the circle and bring in others who want joy in their lives, too. As members of St. Francis, the friendliest and most caring church in town, that's who we are.

This year, Janet and I are chairing the Stewardship Campaign and we need your support.

As followers of Christ, we will be challenged to deepen and expand our circle by sustaining and enhancing our programs at St. Francis.

Share the Joy.
Yours in Christ,
Craig and Janet Gralley


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 The Smiths

The true purpose of stewardship is to make us more thoughtful in the way we approach our lives. We want to engage all Franciscans, including our children, in learning the joy of giving back, in whatever form that takes, in gratitude for our manifold blessings.

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