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Membership in the Episcopal Church begins with BaptismBishopGulickFatherShakespeareMay2014, the sacrament of inclusion into the worldwide Christian community. Adults and mature teenagers may choose to affirm their Baptism, or what was promised for them in infant Baptism, in the rite of Confirmation. If you are interested in learning more, please speak to one of the clergy.

Because the Church honors a variety of personal journeys and spiritual histories, the Episcopal liturgy provides for three expressions of the rite of Confirmation:

I. Confirmation: This is the first mature and public acknowledgment of the promises made at Baptism.

II. Reception: This is the option for those who have made a mature, public affirmation of Baptism in another tradition – Roman Catholic, Lutheran, Eastern Orthodox, or another tradition that has a comparable rite - and who want to be "received" into the Episcopal Church.

III. Reaffirmation: This is the option for those who were baptized as adults, or those who have already been confirmed, but have been away from the church or inactive for a long period of time and want to "reaffirm" their Baptismal vows, publicly.

St. Francis Episcopal Church offers one curriculum for adults and another for youth; each offer reflection on the Christian life of faith in light of one's life and life's challenges, scripture study, prayer, spiritual disciplines, and moral decision-making.

St. Francis Great Falls will be offering confirmation preparation for high school students during the 2018-2019 school year in preparation for the Bishop's visit in the spring of 2019. This class will be open to any high school student (9th-12th grades) who has not yet been confirmed.

Registration in the class and regular attendance will be required. Please contact the Rev. Tracey Kelly at tkelly@stfrancisgreatfalls.org for more information.

Confirmation 2013

Ministry of Worship

Share your time and talent through the ministry of worship. The following activities are vital to enriching our Sunday and special services. For more information, call 703.759.2082, email admin@stfrancisgreatfalls.org, or visit our Ministries page for additional details.

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