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FRANCISCO-fact: What is a Crucifer?

At the front of all these processional moments are crucifers, who pace the speed of the procession, add dignity and gravitas to its action, and who bear the symbol most associated with Christianity—the cross.

FRANCISCO-fact: What is a Lay Eucharistic Minister (LEM), part deux?

Some members have said they would be excited to read, but do not want to administer the chalice, and some have said they are willing to administer the chalice but do not want to read.
The Rector would like to take this opportunity open-up both ministries to people who are willing to do one or both.

Outreach: School Supplies Needed!!!

In past years, generous Franciscans have helped Second Story provide school supplies for over 500 children and teens in their programs serving children and families in need. Please consider helping Second Story provide school supplies this year. 


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