FRANCISCO-fact: Printed Announcements are back

Now that St. Francis is re-gathering we are going to supplement the spoken announcements with printed announcements distributed each Sunday at worship. The announcements will contain the following subjects:

  • Specific prayers requested from the congregation for those who need prayer, especially for renewed health, other concerns, or thanksgivings for God’s blessing; troubled peoples and places in the world; for our nation’s leaders, and the universal church. The congregation is encouraged to use these subjects in their personal prayers during the week. These prayer items will not be in the form of a prayer but will be listed by subject matter for congregational use.
  • Donation and dedication of the Altar Flowers
  • General Announcements: General Announcements include solicitation of volunteers, information about upcoming events, and outreach activities. When submitting these announcements, the text should include what the event/activity is, when the event/activity is happening, where the event/activity is taking place, and who might be interested in participating. Please limit the text to no more than 100 words for these printed announcements; and less text is better than more. The editor reserves the right to return the text to the submitter to be rewritten. The editing staff are not going to be doing major re-edits of announcements as we move forward.

Thank you for keeping the congregation informed!

Published by fr.david

Rector of St. Francis Church. Adopted son of the Old Dominion--Hampden-Sydney loving, Red Sox supporting, Burkean.

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