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Vendors will provide their own tables, racks, signage, tents/coverings, etc and keep ALL profits earned

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Thank you for participating in the

St. Francis Festive Fall Outdoor Rummage Sale and Craft Fair

Following are the details for a successful set up and day.  Check-in will go quickly if everyone reads and follows these instructions.  Please share this information with all of those coming to help you at the sale so they know what to expect.

The St. Francis Festive Fall Outdoor Rummage Sale & Craft Fair will be held on Saturday, October 1st (rain or shine) at St. Francis Episcopal Church (9220 Georgetown Pike, Great Falls, VA 22066).  Selling hours are 8:00am – 12:00pm.  Vendor check-in is 7:00am – 8:00am.  Food and beverages will be on sale during the event.

Items not allowed to be sold:

Alcohol, Drugs, Live Animals, or Weapons

Vendor fees and individual donations benefit St. Francis Episcopal Church, which qualifies as a 501(c)(3) religious organization.  Event vendors pay to rent their selling space and keep all their profits.

The Rummage Sale & Craft Fair will be held rain or shine.  However, if extreme weather threatens, an email and/or text will be sent to the contact information you provided when you signed up with an update.  In addition, check for updates on the St. Francis webpage – .   There will not be a rain date. 

Items to consider bringing:

  • Table, chair, and/or whatever you need to set up your space and display your items.  The church is UNABLE to provide tables or chairs to vendors.
  • For the crafters, vendor signage, flyers, business cards
  • Small bills and change
  • Shopping bags and/or boxes for your shoppers
  • Sunscreen
  • Tent/umbrella (must be secured with gallon jugs of water/bricks/or the like).  Tents/umbrellas that must be spiked or pegged into the ground are NOT allowed
  • Trash bags for clean up afterwards
  • Small, low-noise generator if necessary


  • Keep your money in a fanny pack, apron with pockets, or something attached to you and not in a money box left on a table.  Participating vendors are responsible for their own money handling.  St. Francis is not able to provide change or security. 
  • Bring a “counterfeit” pen or do not accept anything larger than a $20 bill
  • In addition to cash, accept payments via PayPal, Venmo, or other payment forms to attract more buyers.

Please note that there are no electrical outlets or water spigots in the area where the event is being held. 

CHECK IN:  Turn onto the St Francis entrance from Georgetown Pike and drive to the parking lot where volunteers handling check in will greet you and give you your space assignment.   Each vendor will receive a unique alpha-numeric code, such as “A5” (row A space 5), designating your assigned space.  The selling spaces will be marked.

To help make check in run smoother, print your LAST NAME in large letters on a piece of paper and put it on the dashboard on the driver’s side so check in volunteers can see it when you pull in.  Please let me know if you are using more than one vehicle to transport your goods.  If you have two or more vehicles, use the last name of the person who reserved the vendor spot in each of your vehicles. 

Unloading:  Vendor spaces are 10’ x 10’.  Be aware that cars will be stacking up with those also needing to unload.  Pull your car as close to your assigned space as possible, leaving room for other cars to be able to drive past you.  Unload quickly, then move your car to the vendor parking area along the tree line.   PLEASE DO NOT SET UP AS YOU ARE UNLOADING.  If you have more than one vehicle, unload one then move it to the parking area before bringing the second vehicle in to unload.  All vehicles must be unloaded and out of the sales area by 8:15AM. 

Volunteers will be on hand directing traffic.  No cars will be permitted to drive into the sales area after 8:15am or before 12:00pm.

For those working the yard sale alone, let me know if you would like staff/volunteer to stop by your booth to offer you a restroom break or if assistance is required to carry or move large/heavy objects.

Every attempt possible will be made to keep out the ‘early bird’ shoppers.  However, they are persistent, and we can’t make any promises.  We ask that you also do not shop at other vendor’s spaces until after 8:15am to allow everyone ample time to set up.  

Restrooms:  The restroom in Harris Hall will be open for use during the event.  

Trash:  MOST IMPORTANTLY – Clean up your space when you are done selling and bag your own trash.  Bring large trash bags and plan to take your trash out with you.  PLEASE do not leave ANY trash/empty boxes/paper/bags/etc behind.   Thank you for your understanding.

Food:  Volunteers from St. Francis will hold a bake sale and sell snacks and refreshments. 

If you have questions and/or specific suggestions you want to discuss, I will be happy to discuss them with you.  


Annette Bellino

Vendor Check In Map