Stewardship Update: Jan 5th, 2022

2022 Pledges Received
Welcome to 2022!  This is when the St. Francis budget will become very important in order to support all our Outreach programs near and far, make sure the clergy and staff are given proper compensation, keep the heat and lights on, fund the many ministries at St. Francis including the choir, Altar Guild, and all who work behind the scenes to keep St. Francis running smoothly.  We need your pledge to make all these things happen.

As of January 5, 107 pledging units have promised $558,896.  The goal of $600,000 is within reach with your help. It is never too late to send in a pledge to support St. Francis.  Please consider the amount of your pledge prayerfully and with generosity. 

It is also never too late to increase a pledge previously submitted!  All it takes is an email to Molly Reynolds, Treasurer.

Click here to send Treasurer an Update.

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