Francisco-fact: “Vestibule Conversations”

with The Seminarian, Timothy Rutherford

Many of you have seen and heard our seminarian, Timothy Rutherford at our Sunday ZOOM services, but only a few have had the chance to have any sort of conversation, chat, banter or talk with him.  Now is your opportunity by signing up HERE

There are 3 slots availiable/meeting. If you are attending from the same device only one slot is necessary. The Vestibule Conversation happens at 10:00 a little after the Sunday service and coffee hour.  The idea is to provide opportunities for you to meet Timothy and for him to get to know the individuals and you to know him.  Topics can range from the theology behind that day’s readings to the weather to dad jokes.  There is no minimum proscribed or maximum time set.  In other words, it is just a brief time to say hello, introduce yourself, and have that vestibule conversation we all miss. 

Once you are scheduled in the SignUpGenius, click below join Timothy via Zoom at your scheduled date and time:  

Direct Link Click Here
Meeting ID: 978 1918 973
Passcode: church

If you wish to simply send a message to Timothy click here for a contact form that will be delivered to his personal email inbox

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