What are the Socio-Economics of Ezo?

Francisco-fact: What are the Socio-Economics of Ezo?

Ezo is located in a remote part of South Sudan, near the border with the Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Poverty is endemic — the annual income is about $1,000 per person.

As a result, churches provide social services in addition to their religious function. Over the past 5 years, St. Francis has sent money to the Diocese of Ezo to help feed schoolchildren, provide clean drinking water, install solar panels on the diocesan offices, purchase medicine for a health clinic, and support internally displaced persons.

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  • Ezo Relationship began in 1996
    Francisco-fact: St. Francis’s relationship with the Diocese of Ezo began in 1996. In that year, our Assistant Rector, Hentzi Elek, helped us raise money to buy goats for Sudanese women widowed by the country’s civil war….

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