Francisco-fact: What is happening with our Ministry to the Diocese of Ezo?

St. Francis’s work with South Sudan is our church’s oldest continuing international ministry. It breaks down into two parts. One part is our continuing work with the St. Francis Basic School in Juba. This has been a long-term commitment beginning with the establishment of a school in Juba in South Sudan to serve the needsContinue reading “Francisco-fact: What is happening with our Ministry to the Diocese of Ezo?”

FRANCISCO-fact: What is Confirmation?

This reads like a Catechism question. In reality, it is a question from our real life here at St. Francis and from the Catechism, or aka An Outline of Faith: commonly called the catechism starting on page 845 in the Prayer Book. Who knew? The Episcopal Church has a Catechism! Yes, yes, it does. But,Continue reading “FRANCISCO-fact: What is Confirmation?”

Francisco-fact: When can we worship together again indoors?

The Governor of Virginia has been loosening up on guidelines around people interacting; what is the effect of those guidelines on worship services at St. Francis Church? St. Francis’ leadership is following the COVID-19 pandemic guidelines as directed by the Bishop of the Diocese, who consults with her assisting bishops, the Standing Committee, and healthContinue reading “Francisco-fact: When can we worship together again indoors?”

Francisco-fact: What is a prayer shawl, what does it do, and how do I get one?

Being created and tactile often means that when dealing with things of the spirit, humans need physical objects to focus their spiritual essence. In Judaism the prayer shawl is one of those tactile supports in a person’s address to God. In the Episcopal Church, specifically, and in Christianity, more generally, these accessories include, but are not limited to, prayer beads (like the Rosary—Anglicans have prayer beads with different prayers than Roman Catholic beads used for the Rosary), icons, and prayer shawls.

Francisco-fact: Are we there yet?

This was an ongoing question when I was a child traveling with my parents, especially on long trips, like when we drove from Norfolk to Stuart, Florida for vacation to visit with my grandparents. The trip was interminable, or at least it was to a bored and impatient child. Then again, we had no satellite radio, CD’s, books on tape, or in car videos. I knew there would be an end and that it really was not all that far in the future, but that knowledge did not reduce my agida.

Francisco-fact: “Vestibule Conversations”

with The Seminarian, Timothy Rutherford Many of you have seen and heard our seminarian, Timothy Rutherford at our Sunday ZOOM services, but only a few have had the chance to have any sort of conversation, chat, banter or talk with him.  Now is your opportunity by signing up HERE.  There are 3 slots availiable/meeting. IfContinue reading “Francisco-fact: “Vestibule Conversations””

Francisco-fact: Ash Wednesday during a pandemic. How?

How will we be able to recognize the change to the season of Lent this year since we cannot meet in person for church services? Even outdoor services would still not allow us for the imposing of ashes. So, Ash Wednesday and the imposition of Ashes is a church service where our being separated shouldContinue reading “Francisco-fact: Ash Wednesday during a pandemic. How?”