2024 Stewardship Campaign

Our Stewardship Campaign for the new year opens on October 29, 2023. This year’s campaign is especially significant because 2024 marks St. Francis’ 60th anniversary, and we would like to begin the year on a firm financial foundation. To make that possible, please commit to help us achieve our pledge goal of $550,000.

You should have received a pledge form in the mail earlier in October. You can print another pledge form here, then fill it out and send it to treasurer@stfrancisgreatfalls.org, or mail it to the church, or drop it by the office. Whichever you choose, please return your completed form by November 19.

Those who return their pledge form in the 1st week (by November 5) will receive a St. Francis 40th anniversary cookbook – filled with great recipes from St. Francis parishioners who helped provide the foundation for St. Francis to be able to continue our mission into 2024. (Cookbooks may be picked up at St. Francis following one of the following Sunday services).

Also be sure to check the St. Francis email every Thursday throughout the Stewardship Campaign for great trivia questions.  Keeping with the theme of celebrating 60 years of St. Francis, we will award an ink drawing of the house that used to sit on St. Francis’ property to three people each week who answer the trivia question correctly.

It is never too late to send in a pledge or increase a pledge already submitted.  You may email it to: treasurer@stfrancisgreatfalls.org

Thank you! Your support is very important to St. Francis Church!

As of Sunday November 5, we are roughly 25% of the way to our Pledge Goal. Please make your pledge TODAY!

Through stewardship we come to know and love God.  We also become aware of other people’s needs  and how to help them.  Giving of ourselves makes us more compassionate, loving,  understanding , and willing to help others.

Parishioner:  Clara Sue Ashley

Your Pledge Supports:

  • Worship and Pastoral Care
    • A 12-member choir, directed by a trained musician, and a trained organist.
    • Baptisms of new church members who covenant themselves to the Church life.
    • Pastoral care including weddings and funerals
    • Eucharistic sharing
    • Daily offices of prayer and readings via zoom services
    • Our annual Blessing of the Animals
Blessing of the Animals

  • The Creche School – St. Francis’ primary ministry to our surrounding communities.
    • Pre-school formation for 60 children aged 2 to 5.
    • Nature’s Classroom exploration of our local environment.
    • Our Creche School director and 10 highly qualified teachers.
    • Weekly Chapel
    • Annual Christmas pageant

Diaper Cornerstone
  • Outreach Ministry – Domestic and International
    • Diocese of Ezo’s Bishop’s fund and well water project
    • St. Francis Basic School in Juba.
    • Samaritan Ministry of Greater Washington – setting clients on the road to full employment.
Diocese of Ezo
St. Francis Basic School in Juba

  • Care of God’s creation on our grounds
    • 7.9 acres of fields, trees, and buildings.
    • Three buildings for worship, meetings and events, pre-school, and Scouting.
    • Memorial Garden for spreading of ashes and contemplation.
    • A labyrinth for quiet meditation.
    • Technology improvements – Audio / Video improvements and equipment.


The 2024 Stewardship Giving Campaign has been mailed.  Please look it over carefully and be generous with your pledge.  In the meantime, are you wondering where you stand on fulfilling your 2023 Pledge? Contact me and I will be happy to send you an updated Giving Statement for 2023.  As we approach the end of the year, it is most important that we receive all promised pledges so that we can continue with God’s work in the church and in the world.

-Molly Reynolds, Treasurer

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  • Decisions to be Made
    It is not too late to Pledge! Please email your pledge commitment for 2023 to Molly Reynolds.  Or consider increasing your pledge already submitted.  Everything will help to carry on the worship services, staffing, programs and facilities that are important to St. Franciscans. Thank you all, Molly
  • Pledging as a Joyful Practice
    Pledging as a Joyful Practice. The practice of pledging puts us in a position to be responsible stewards of the many gifts that God has bestowed on us. If you haven’t yet pledged–or if you’ve never pledged–try it!
  • How Far Out Do Franciscans Reach?
    Every year the St. Francis budget includes a line item for Outreach to be distributed by the Outreach Committee to worthy organizations on behalf of the parish.
  • More is Still Needed 
    Thanks to all who responded to the recent plea for additional pledges. The total pledges received has increased but $139,400 is still needed to provide the needed finances for the 2023 Budget.
  • Important Message about 2023 Pledges
    Over $200,000 more is needed to meet the goal!  Last year at this time we had received 95 pledges totaling $497,000.  We need much more to fund the 2023 budget and to continue the programs and ministries that Franciscans desire and enjoy.